Minneapolis Portrait Photographer || Mr. Cooper

This my friends is my most adorable little guy whom I absolutely can’t get enough of!  Out of hundreds of images he was gracious enough to cooperate for a few shots that I will ever enjoy.  

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Minneapolis Maternity Photography || Mama Mandy

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Let the Countdown Begin | Darci & Rob

As you can see from the non barren Minnesota landscape this post is so very over due! That’s what March is for right (catching up)?!? My dear sweet Darci and her ever so fab Rob are next in the final countdown to there April wedding. This girl [me] is extremely excited!

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Coldest Day Ever, Best Couple to Spend it With [inside]! | Katie & Michael

Our well intentioned tour-de-Minneapolis was cut short by what seemed like -30 degree temperatures. None the less these two made my cold day a happy one!

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Lovely | Jennette & Luke

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These Brave Souls | Lauren & Brad

I have so much to say about this shoot I don’t even know where to begin.  Let me create an easy to read list:

1) Sally Loves Lauren & Brad

2) Winter engagement sessions (while more challenging) can actually be GORGEOUS!

3) For the love of… [insert anything], think outside of Stone Arch Bridge and lets find somewhere new!  Lauren and Brad wanted something unique to them and this we accomplished!

4) When I say, “just a little longer, it will be worth it”, believe me and smile for the camera!

Happy winter everyone!

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Erin & Tom | Married… (a while ago)!

I vow every year to blog ever session I shoot.  Sadly, I seem to keep failing at this resolution!  Tis the season for catching up, I’m hoping to get at least a few of my missing weddings up before 2011′s season is in full force.

Erin and Tom’s wedding was from last June (terrible, I know).  It was a gorgeous wedding with one of the sexiest brides ever!  Enjoy a few of my favorites.

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2010 Studio Gallery

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Sunday Funday || Carly & Howie

Carly wins the award for being my most enthusiastic bride  of the year (quite possibly in the whole world)!  This girl had me cracking up with her gigantic personality and glee over each new turn of her wedding day.  This wedding was stunning, for which we have to give credit to mom Ellyn and of course the rockstar team of Amy Zaroff Events and Design.  Then there was calm, cool and collected Howie who’s peaceful demeanor was at all times in perfect harmony with Carly’s bursts of  joyous “Oh-My-God’s” and girly squeals.   Add on to that a wedding party of 24 friends and family and you’ve got a recipe for fun.  That’s exactly what took place!  Enjoy a few of my favorites.

The Ketubah  signing was one of my favorite parts of the day.  The room was filled with the friends and family that will support this couple in their marriage for the rest of their lives.  The moment was intimate, anticipatory and emotional!  A good combination for this girl that loves a little wedding day cry!

This wedding was as fun to shoot as it looks in the photos.  I’m so grateful to my most fabulous assistant, Tamika and to the other vendors that made this event such a success:

Temple Isreal, Eric at Marriott City Center, Amy Zaroff Events + Design, Richfield Flowers & Events, Musicians Unlimited, Princess Bride Cinematic, and Gateaux.

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Katie & John | Downtown Style

When we walk into the brides getting ready room the tone of the entire day is set.  On this particular day I walked in to a room of calm, joyful, and relaxed ladies.  A gorgeous vintage dress hung on the door, laughter and 90210 references filled the room and I knew it was going to be a good day.  Katie and John are (simply put) fun.  They’re the couple that seem too put together to be “cool” and too responsible to be “fun” and too kind to be real… you get my point.  In reality they’re gracious, energetic, positive, and extremely intelligent people that in this girls humble opinion, are perfect for each other.  They’re that couple… the one’s we all ask our partners to try to mimic.  It was such a joy getting to shoot their wedding, enjoy a few of my favorite pics from the day.

The ceremony was at the Basilica of St. Mary’s.  Always a stunning venue for a monumental day!

As always Sadie’s Floral came through with amazing floral design.  John was insistent about not having a flower in his boutonniere.  The solution:  sticks & balls… that’s what they got.  Hard to imagine but the groomsmen had a good time with the reference… all day!

As you can see this was a REALLY hard group to work with, no personality what-so-ever [wink, wink]!  I was hysterical most of the portrait time of the day.  Happy photographers make for happy photos.  Way to go groomsmen!

Loved, loved this day.  Love Katie and John.  Hope you love the photos!



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You Make My Heart Smile

My loves.  This right here (and one other hunk of burning love), are my life, my joy, and my inspiration.  Meet my babies:

Meet Noah.

Noah is my thinker.  He’s a processor, a mindful and wise soul.  He loves Diego,  doesn’t love potty training, and as of late has figured out that the word “no” carries with it power.  All that aside, this child is gentle, kind, imaginatve, thoughtul and serious.   I can talk to Noah like an adult and know that he hears everything I’m telling him.  He wants to hear the truth and with that he responds with wisdom.  As his mother, I eagerly await every day of his life, his exploration, and his growth. He is my baby and my love.

My Cooper.

There is almost no where I’d rather be than holding Cooper’s little body in mine.  He is our wild child.  Contrasting Noah’s serious demeanor, Cooper is all smiles, laughs, and squeals!  The word “no” means nothing to Cooper as he is ever determined to achieve his mission at hand.  He is a leader and perfectly independent, he’s silly and all boy.  He causes one to smile and just plain feel good.  I’m putting my money on him being our rebel (just like his mommy) and I’m perfectly ok with that!

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An Urban Affair || Amie & Josh

I recently got to shoot my first wedding at Vic’s Restaurant, I like!  My best friend and I frequent it for their super fab happy hour so I was thrilled to find out that they were now hosting weddings.  The Saint Anthony Main area is one of our cities most beautiful spots.  It boasts of divine eateries, inspiring walking paths and of course a skyline to die for.  It was a perfect backdrop for a summer wedding.

I love the colors of this wedding, the light that day was a photographers heaven and I took full advantage of it the entire day!

You’ll notice, Josh (the groom) had a whole stash of dance moves.  I personally think they had been pent up far too long.  He exploded on the dance floor and entertained us all with his old school/new school/Josh school moves!  Way to rock it Josh!

Thank you, thank you to Amie and Josh for the immense joy that came with shooting your wedding.  And of course thank you to the girls at Smart & Chic for the fantastic make up; the boys at Alta Entertainment for music that packed the dance floor all night long; and the staff of Vic’s for pulling off a memorable reception!

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Stillwater Sweetness || Nikki & Bryn

This artistic duo created a stunning show for their Stillwater wedding.  Nikki and Bryn are overflowing with creativity, style and charm.  When they came in for their first meeting Nikki had a style board to die for, needless to say I’ve been eagerly awaiting their day for months!  By focusing on the little details and working with an incredible list of vendors they totally rocked a day to remember.

Event Design:  R.S.V.P

Location:  Camrose Hill Flower Farm

Cake Artist:  Cocoa & Fig

Caterer:  Chow Girls

Music:  Adagio

Aren’t the girls just the cutest?  I have 2 pugs of my own so it took major restraint not driving them crazy with my camera.

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A Little Pin Up for Your Thursday || JG

Jen holds the record for my all time favorite boudoir session.  I photographed her a few years ago for what ended up being a wedding gift to her then fiance.  2 years later she was ready for more… I love!  This time she totally rocked Betty Page’s infamous pin up style.  Round 2 proved to be just as fabulous as the first.  I’m already brainstorming our next JG session! We will be doing a boudoir event this winter!  Leave a comment below if you’re interested.

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